Friday, July 10, 2009

Starting the journey

Hello to all you out there in blog world!

This is my super awkward first post and I'm finding it somewhat difficult to think of what to write and how to write it. I've seriously been sitting here staring at the screen for 15 minutes thinking 'Nope, that sounds lame' about everything I've tried to write so I decided to stop thinking and just jump in.

First things first, Who am I and what is this blog about?

I'm Tracy, a 21 year-old female part time student studying maths. Yes, I know, I'm a bit of a nerd. Last year I finished my degree in physics but have struggled to find a (decent) job so am going back to uni starting Monday to do a couple of additional maths papers to give myself a double major and fill in a bit of time until the job outlook improves. In addition to studying I'm working full time and trying to save as much moolah as I can.

This blog is mainly going to be a fitness blog following my quest to become A Fit Kiwi. I have been skinny all my life and am certainly not intending to lose any weight, in fact I wouldn't mind gaining a little if it's in the form of muscle. My concern is that while I'm skinny, I am incredibly unhealthy. Ya know how they say inactive skinny people are less healthy than active larger people but they just store the fat around their organs? (or something like that, I don't know the details) Well that's me I think.
This blog is going to be about me getting active and more healthy. Currently my diet is SHOCKING. I've been reading a few blogs and looking at what other people eat and it's made me realise I have a long way to go! I don't have such a long way to go on the fitness side of things but I am by no means an athlete.

Well I think that's enough for an awkward introductory post. Hopefully next time I write I'll have some positive updates.